The One With My Dating Profile- A Short Read

These stories are inspired by Felicia’s colorful 2017. If the reader prefers, the short stories/blogs or parts of it may be regarded as fiction. But as Ernest Hemingway said, there is always the chance that fiction may throw some light on what has been regarded as fact.

I didn't realize how time-consuming writing can be. As you wait for my next short story, allow me to make you smile with this short read.
I am thinking of posting on a dating site where John still has an active account! No worries, readers...I'm just feeling playful and sarcastic today! Oh, there are spoiler alerts on this one!
About Me:
Hey,  48 y.o. big shot Gemini! I know you have been checking if I'm on here, so I decided to finally log in.  
Yes, I opened an account last spring 2017  when I sensed you were not coming back. Although that time, I still didn't know what you've been doing behind my and our children's backs the last 4 years. If I did, I stopped talking to you a long time ago. 
Yes, I went out for a couple of dates, but decided it was too soon for me, and that it would be unfair to lead someone on, when all I needed was some distraction from all the pain you have caused me and our families. Unlike you, I am human with a heart and a conscience
No, I am not dating. I am very busy with work, with hosting , with our puppy and kitten, and with my kids who are both home and have been so wonderful to me. Thanks to you, the trauma you caused gave us a special bond. Now, they have a better and deeper understanding of the word "FAMILY.” 
No, I'm not done yet. I'm also busy writing. Yes, writing! You did not expect that one, huh. Because of you, I am discovering this whole new side of me! Not only am I healing, but I am also inspiring and helping others.
Do you want more? Find my website. And just so you know, some of your family members know about this site. When I asked if it was too much, they said "No. All that matters is your truth,” “I'm so excited for you.” " We are happy you are healing and going strong."  Their loyalty is with you and I respect that. But they also know you, what you did, and what you have done in the past. If only they knew more, they will probably convince you to get therapy, so you stop hurting people. They also told me how they dislike (2 used the word "hate") your  calculating and diabolical "lost custody of her child" girlfriend, your colleague's secretary(I should have known), and that she is banned from one of your sibling's house. If  only they knew that you two were cut from the same cloth.
Oh, and I am also learning to play my 3rd piece on the piano I originally bought so I can learn how to play ... so I could surprise you with a song on our supposed wedding day. Fortunately for me, I escaped  from the serial cheating narcissist disguised as a top dog public servant in a suit, before it was too late. Big thanks to your manipulative and scheming "babe" who secretly recorded the Mr. Hyde behind your Dr. Jekyll. Unfortunately for her, you are logged in... right now... on a dating site. 😉

If you are not the intended recipient of the above message, but still curious, then you must be one strong insightful man of really good character, one who does not want to mess around, and who appreciates honesty and 100% transparency. That, or you're just really bored. Anyway, I appreciate you reading all the way to the end, but instead of sending me a message, please just share my website with your girl friends, sisters, mother, aunts, cousins who are in need of some motivation or a good laugh. I'm eventually turning my project/new hobby into a book.

Good luck to you. Everybody deserves a happy ending.  

I may write about you, but it's really about me. As writer Octavia Butler said, “ You don't start out writing good stuff. You start out writing crap thinking it's good stuff, and then gradually, you get better at it.”

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Great writing style and a fun and interesting read!
Angie said…
Love all your stories! Glad to hear you’re intending to turn them into a book! I definitely would read it!
Jasmine said…
I love the quote you included at the end-so true of any writer, lol! even me
Brittney said…
You go girl! You are absolutely right! Remember and recover!
Anonymous said…
I absolutely love your sassy strength!!!! I think we would all love to say these things to our ex at some point!! DAISY
Dani said…
Stay strong! Things can only get better and better
RakhiParsai said…
This is such a beautifully written post. Loved read it end to end. Especially the quote. I can so relate to this
Unknown said…
I love your writing and your bravery. Keep it up!
Unknown said…
What a powerful experience. It’s great to see it being turned around for good. Writing is therapy.
MontanaPhD said…
I've been following your story. At first, I was thinking you may be an empath. Empaths are most vulnerable to narcissistic sociopaths; like they tend to want to heal everyone with their love; as if it was their mission; until they realize the narc is damaged and hopeless. However, he did not project as damaged in the beginning of your relationship. You did not know that he was a narc. But he knew the whole time. And maybe he tried to be good, and thought that you were probably the one who could fix him. When he realized "you" did not fix him, that you unknowingly failed him. he then punishes you. But cheating and betrayal are not punishments. It's who he really is.