The One With The Umbrella: Part 1

These stories are inspired by Felicia’s colorful 2017. If the reader prefers, the short stories/blogs or parts of it may be regarded as fiction. But as Ernest Hemingway said, there is always the chance that fiction may throw some light on what has been regarded as fact.

The One With The Umbrella: Part 1

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Remember May 2017, “The One When I Found Out?”  Well, it has been a week of  tears flowing down my cheeks, but still not like Diane Keaton’s Erica Barry in the movie, Something’s Gotta Give, at least not yet. 

I was hurt, but mostly in shock. I still could not believe that the man I was supposed to marry is with someone else. Even more shocked that I found out through social media, considering we are two educated professionals with very respectable jobs, each with two children, my Samantha and Bryan, and his Nadine and David. Four "hipsters" who  have bonded like siblings. We were just a paper short of becoming a family. 

Exactly 6 days later, on a Monday morning, I received a phone call from Helen, a co-worker, who is also a dear friend. She said that she has been laid off, along with a few more of our colleagues. Helen was very upset and so was I. Especially because this time, it included 7 people from our department- people I am very fond of... my work family. Then it dawned on me, I did not get a phone call from my boss, Scott, our Dean. He usually calls me and the other directors, and gives us a heads up when someone  in our department leaves. For a moment, I got nervous. But then again, I always felt confident about my position, and my colleagues always said I am one of the unexpendable ones.  I called Dean Scott to ask who else got this news. He said `I was actually looking for you. I thought you started your summer course today. I wanted to tell you in person that you were one of the 7. I’m sorry.It was a very difficult decision.” 
I do not remember the next 2 minutes of this conversation, but as soon as I hung up, I panicked. I called my best friend of 4 years… John Smith (Don’t grit your teeth just yet. Remember, this was May 2017. I did not know about the Lili situation or even Marlene’s house in Connecticut- See Blog Archive, The One When I Spent My 1st Weekend in Connecticut. All I know is that, he has a “new” girlfriend, perhaps just a fling. After all, we were “on a break,” except  that I was still getting sweet text messages from him, and the flowers, chocolates, and a cleaning lady service just a week ago.See Blog Archive, The One When I Found Out
I called the one person who always made me feel better during times like this, except I never had it this bad. I never lost a job in my life. And this is a job I loved,  a job with  people who I look forward to working with every day for 10 years.
John did not pick up the call. I found out later that he was in a meeting. I called my 22-year old son, Bryan, and then my sister, Eva. I was crying and freaking out.  Samantha is going to college in 3 months, I have a mortgage, 3 more years of car payments, a 5-figure credit card bill (I just built a patio for my future family of 6- (See Blog,The One With the Summer Surprises), and my brother, who I am supporting in grad school has 2 more years to go. Bryan could not believe it either, but he was very calm on the phone. He said “ Mom, if you need me there, let me know. I can leave work now.” I told him he didn't have to, and that I’ll just wait for him when he comes home at 5:30pm. He ended our conversation with “Don’t worry, mom. You have a great resume. I love you.”

I was still in a panic mode, and no one was home with me except for our 18-year old cat, Maggie. I called John's daughter, Nadine next. She is family to me, and so am I to her. We actually just had a venting and bonding moment a few days ago when she slept over our house on Bryan’s birthday. She too, was shocked that this was all happening to me. She was her usual sweet and wise 19-year old “old soul”. She said that she will call her dad and make sure he calls me back, which John did.

It was so good to hear John's voice. I was so upset with the news I just received, it's like I forgot what I found out just last week. It was only about 10 minutes of a conversation, but he was so supportive. He even started guiding me through  the unemployment process.  Of course, I can manage all that, but I was still so distraught and overwhelmed, I could not think straight. Also, I was not paying attention to his directions, as I was still replaying in my ears the sentence he said at the beginning of our conversation, “ Honey, I will help you. Don’t worry, we will get through this together.” The word "honey" never sounded so sweet and so comforting. I kept crying. I told him, "I just lost you last week, now I lost my job too." He said, "You did not lose me" (Remember these words for later). He also said that he will come after work and may bring Nadine with him. 

One week ago, my heart was broken. A few hours ago, I received another news that crushed me. But now, John is coming to see me! Everything will be alright.

To be continued... The One With The Umbrella: Part 2

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  • Now, to my readers… As heartbreaking as these may all sound, remember that my blog’s title is Bye Felicia, Hello Life. The “Hello Life” parts will be blogged about,  (some are already in The One With The Summer Surprises.”)  But as writer Octavia Butler said, “ You don't start out writing good stuff. You start out writing crap… thinking it's good stuff, and then gradually, you get better at it.”


Anonymous said…
I am so intrigued! More!!!! Please don’t keep us waiting for the whole story. You’re such a tease but I feel your pain. Keep writing, you’re such a good storyteller. This boils be a book or a TV series. BAL- FB User
wow this is so interesting!!
Unknown said…
Ugh, the unexpected loss of a job. I just went through it in June. You really do go through all the stages of grief.
Unknown said…
I'm on the edge of my seat! Drama and intrigue.
Neha Gupta said…
Looking forward to your next blog. It's a rough time for you now a job loss. Hang in there
Marysa said…
Looking forward to reading the next party of this story. Love your writing!
Angie said…
I’m enjoying following your story along. You’re a great writer!
Jasmine said…
you really know how to build suspense!
Unknown said…
I'm excited to read part 2! This was a great read.
ohmummymia said…
Aw I'm so excited and I want more! Can't wait to read another part
Unknown said…
Sometimes life can hit us hard, and all at once! I know the loss of a job feeling all too well.. sucked but ended up being the best thing I never knew I needed.
Wow so intense! How much can one person have at one time!!
Great way to keep blog visitors intrigued by following your story. I hope all fairs well for you and yours.
Eileen said…
Such an intriguing story!I can't wait to see what happens next!
Kimberly said…
You definitely have me interested in hearing more about what happens next! I love the idea of turning this into a book. I think real life is usually more interesting than fiction anyway
Lavanda Michelle said…
Wow! This could be a best seller. You sure know how to keep the readers attention. Thanks for sharing! :)
Becca said…
Very captivating writing style! You held my attention the whole time, I can't wait to read more x
Ooooh, you've piped my interest with this story.