FELICIA TODAY (Status Update)

I did not realize writing can be so time-consuming. But then again, this is my first attempt at it. The hard-core readers of the main website have been asking me to post more often, and that I am keeping them at the edge of their seats. Since I only publish my short stories, aka blogs, about once a week, I decided to add this new page of very short reads (10 seconds to 1-minute). It could be anything from another "Bye, Felicia" moment(hopefully, not) or a "Hello, Life" (hopefully, more) one or just FYIs- "Funnies, Yaps and Insights!" I am opening this page FELICIA TODAY to all, including family and close friends who I have been sort of “protecting” from the main reads to spare them of the “rawness” of 2017.   

So here are our short-reads for today.

3/8/2018- Click HEREfor  Samantha Knows